Worktops and Countertops Repairs


Chipped worktops, burnt worktops, split laminate in a worktop, chipped marble worktops, and acid burns in a worktop are all examples of damaged worktops. All of these flaws do not necessitate the replacement of the worktop.

We can restore damaged worktops regardless of the type of damage or the material used.

If your marble, quartz, or granite worktops get chipped or damaged, they can all be repaired. We can match the color of the wood and mimic the grain patterns. We can re-wax or re-varnish solid wood worktops, polish marble worktops to bring them back to their former glory, and even recoat laminate worktops to give them a granite look and feel.


Countertops at pubs, clubs, stores, and office building receptions are all susceptible to damage.

A chip, a scratch, a lifted piece of laminate, a hole drilled incorrectly, or even a burn mark could be the culprit.