Stone Repairs Scotland

Does Your Stone Ruin the Look Of Your Home?

Does It Look Mouldy or Damaged?

Why Does This happen?

Over time your precast or natural stone will start to develop mould and lichen which looks unsightly and can lead to more serious damp within your cavities and through to your walls inside your home.

Power washing is not effective in treating mould and lichen as it’s a bacteria that will keep growing. Power washing can actually cause serious deterioration in your stone..

Chips and cracks to your stonework can also happen during installation and simple wear and tear over time.

Our Cost Effective solution

Our specialised stone coating protects your stone and comes with a 10 year guarantee. Any chips or cracks are also repaired on site for an all-in-one hassle free service

We will restore your stone to it’s natural original colour (or we can change the colour to whatever you want)

After repairing any chips or cracks we apply our specialised stone coating and finish it off by sandblasting the surface of your stone to give it a perfect natural stone look.

Results are fast, cost effective and end results are stunning.

All our work comes with a ten year guarantee and carried out by experienced hard surface technicians.

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We have many years of experience in repairing all kinds of shower trays and baths. We only use the best tools and materials for all our repairs. Besides:

Customer Reviews

Was quoted almost £8000 from a company to replace my stone sills as they were extremely weather damaged, cracked etc.. I came across mhrepairs and had them refurbish my stone. Took them 3 days and the results are simply outstanding. I paid a fraction of the cost of the replacement quote. VERY HAPPY INDEED

Mike Tonner Carluke

Very professional service. Will for sure be using MHrepairs again in the future. Top job. Thanks.

John M Kirkintilloch

Had MHREPAIRS fix all my cope stones along the length of my driveway. Looks like new again, no chips or cracks. Really nice job I was very impressed. I defo recommend these guys.

Drew C Lenzie