bathtub repair

Bath, Shower Tray and Basin Repairs

Allow us to fix your cracked shower trays, chipped baths, and cracked or chipped basins, saving you money, time, and protecting the environment.

Brick and Stone repairs

We can recolor bricks and tint them to fit the rest of your house, so if you have an expansion and the bricks no longer match the rest of your house, we can tint them to match.

Floor Sanding and Finishing

When wooden floors get scuffed, stained, or tatty, you can sand them down to bring the grain and depth of color back to life, making them look like new.

Kitchen Cupboard Painting

Not only would having your kitchen resprayed save you money and time, but it will also help to conserve the environment by reducing the amount of garbage that goes to landfills and car fumes that enter the air.
Granite worktop repairs

Marble and Granite Repairs

We can do granite worktop repairs, granite counter repairs, and granite surface repairs safely and efficiently without the need to remove the granite surface.

Motorhome and Caravan Repairs

We can quickly and affordably repair a chipped motorhome table, cracked caravan sink, broken shower tray, or even a leaky heki roof light.

Sealant Application Services

Maintaining the state of your surface sealant is critical if you want to avoid unwanted leaks or water damage from your utilities, and the good news is that resealing a surface is simple, quick, and inexpensive.

UPVC and aluminum repairs

Aluminum windows and door frames can be damaged in the same way as uPVC windows and door frames can, and we can repair them in the same way.

Wall and Floor Tile Repairs

We can repair a chipped tile or a cracked tile and we can even color match it so it blends in and is unnoticeable.

Wood and Laminate Repairs

We can repair engineered wood flooring as well as solid wood worktops, depending on the extent of the damage.