Wall and Floor Tile Repairs

You may not realize it, but wall tiles are readily chipped or cracked, and these flaws are often overlooked. What if we told you that bacteria and dirt may live in a chipped wall tile? Would you be hesitant to have it replaced?

You’re probably thinking that replacing a wall tile could be quite costly, given how difficult it is to remove just that one tile without damaging the others.

Is the tile still available for purchase?

Is it from the same batch as the other tiles on the wall, and will it match the others?

What if we told you that you didn’t have to replace a chipped or cracked tile? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could fix a chipped or cracked tile? We can repair a chipped tile or a cracked tile and we can even color match it so it blends in and is unnoticeable.

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Over time, floor tiles are subjected to a great deal of abuse. We walk all over them, spill drinks and food on them, and even drop heavy things on them, potentially chipping or cracking them.

When a tile is chipped, it is typically disregarded by the average person because we believe it cannot be mended and try not to consider the cost of replacement. If chipped tiles are left alone, the chip will only become worse, weakening the tile and causing more damage, not to mention the dirt and bacteria that have settled in the chipped region.

What about a broken tile on the floor? What are your options if your floor tile is cracked? This tile is now potentially dangerous because the cracked portion may rise or fall, resulting in an extremely sharp lip. This can shred a barefoot’s skin, trap dirt and bacteria, and even cause the tile to disintegrate.

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