Precast Sandstone Repairs and Refurbishment Services Scotland

Transform your home exterior and have your precast sandstone cills fully refurbished

Repairing Chipped, Cracked and Weathered Sandstone Cills All over Scotland

Precast sandstone looks stunning when brand new but can weather badly over time and is susceptible to chips and can crack over time when the building settles.

MHrepairs offers an expert precast sandstone refurb service. If your precast sandstone cills are looking pretty beat up or discoloured we can have them looking better than new.
We clean and repair any damage including chips and cracks then we use a proprietary 15-year guarantee masonry screed that we colour match on-site to your original sandstone colour (Or we can change the colour to your preference) we then sandblast your stonework giving it a natural sandstone look and feel.

Precast Sandstone Refurbishment Results are Fully Guarantee

We are fully confident you will be over the moon by the finished results. You only pay once you are fully happy with the job. Our masonry screed comes with a 15-year guarantee, will not flake and will keep your precast looking like new for years.

What is The Cost Of Precast Sandstone Refurbishment?

Every job is different so there is never a set cost. When we price a job for a customer we need to factor in a few things. Ease of access, materials required to complete the job, and how long we think it will take. One thing we can say though is when we do give a customer a quote they are pretty shocked at how low the cost actually is.

If you would like a free no-obligation quote then simply get in contact with us today either by calling or email.

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Trying To Sell Your Property?

If you trying to sell your property or are thinking about it in the near future then having the precast sandstone on your property fully refurbished is a wise investment. In our experience spending a little money on this service will give you the best possible chance at gaining the maximum price for your home. Let’s face it, a potential buyer can be instantly put off your home or business premises if your precast is all weathered and run-down looking.

We can be in and done in as little as a day depending on the size of your building and how much-precast stonework there is to refurbish. You will be amazed at how it transforms the look of your building.

So don’t hesitate. Get in touch via the contact form below or simply click on the phone number or email address HERE: Tel: 07494174658 Email: