Brick and Stone repairs

We can recolor bricks and tint them to fit the rest of your house, so if you have an expansion and the bricks no longer match the rest of your house, we can tint them to match. A chemical, such as a screed, could also be sprayed onto a brick face and let to harden. The only method to get rid of it is to grind the brick down, which will harm the face and make it appear bad. We may lightly rub these down and then recolor the screed to match the brick.

bathtub repair

We all take stone for granted, believing that it can never be destroyed, that it will last forever, and that we will never need to care for it since it is a stone.

The reality is, we need to take care of our stone work and have it repaired every now and then. We can take care of all your stone needs, including cleaning, mending, and even applying a light refresh coat of stone to bring it back to life.

bathtub repair