Wood and Laminate Repairs

If you have cracked engineered wood flooring, a chemical burn on a solid wood worktop, a scuffed wooden surface, or just need your solid wood worktop re-varnished.

We can repair engineered wood flooring as well as solid wood worktops, depending on the extent of the damage.

bathtub repair

Laminate flooring and worktops have been in our houses for many years and to this day you will discover a laminate worktop or a laminate floor in a home near you whether it’s your own home, your neighbors’ home, or your parents’ home. Laminate may be found almost anywhere.

What happens if you have a lovely laminate floor or worktop and then something goes wrong like you dropped something and now you have an unsightly chip in your laminate floor or laminate worktop staring back at you?

bathtub repair